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  • 使用离心机要遵守哪些规则?
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Code of practice for centrifuges:
1、 转头在预冷时转头盖可摆放在离心机的平台上,或摆放在实验台上,千万不可不拧紧浮放在转头上,因为一旦误启动,转头盖就会飞出,造成事故!
1. Turn head cover can be placed on the platform of centrifuge when precooling, or on the experimental platform, must not tighten and float on the turning head, because once the wrong start, turn head cover will fly out, causing an accident!
2、 转头盖在拧紧后一定要用手指触摸转头与转盖之间有无缝隙,如有缝隙要拧开重新拧紧,直至确认无缝隙方可启动离心机。
2. After tightening the cap, you must touch the gap between the cap and the cap with your finger. If there is a gap, you must tighten it again and tighten it until it is confirmed that there is no gap before starting the centrifuge.
3. When the centrifuge is in the pre-cooling state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. After centrifugation, the revolving head should be placed on the test bench to dry the residual water in the chamber. At this time, the centrifuge cover is in the open state.
4、 在离心过程中,操作人员不得离开离心机室,一旦发生异常情况操作人员不能关电源(POWER),要按STOP。在预冷前要填写好离心机使用记录。
4. In the centrifugal process, the operator must not leave the centrifuge room, once an abnormal situation occurs, the operator can not turn off the power supply (POWER), to press STOP. Fill in the centrifuge usage record before pre cooling.
5, no use of shoddy centrifuge tubes, no aging, deformation, and cracked centrifuge tubes.
6、 在节假日和晚间最后一个使用离心机须例行安全检查后方能离去。
6, during the holidays and the last night, the centrifuge must undergo routine safety checks before leaving.
7. In the course of using the instrument, if the machine breaks down and the parts are damaged, contact the manufacturer in time.
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